SAN ANTONIO -- Lunchtime got a serving of Tejano in front of the Majestic Theater on Friday. San Antonio held a unique lunch lure called the Bidi Bidi Lunch Break.

"Lots of people come to Houston Street," Kelly Saunders said. " But we wanted to do a fun lunchtime event for people who are visiting or who happen to work downtown to come out and enjoy themselves."

Saunders is the public relations manager for the City of San Antonio's Center City Development and Operations Department. She said that the Selena-themed event was a part of the Activate Houston Street Initiative.

The effort is a partnership with CENTRO San Antonio to strengthen the Houston Street corridor. The layered plan will allow Houston Street to reclaim its status as the main street San Antonio.

On Friday afternoon, the mission was to get the lunch crowd and tourists interested in Selena music, food trucks, and free Topo Chico.

The dangling carrot caught the attention of Ariel Rocha, a Selena fan who saw the event on Facebook.

"It said 'free event.' It's downtown, it's Friday, so what better reason to come to downtown then," Rocha said.

She dragged her grandmother visiting from California along. Rocha admits that the Selena marketing got them out of the house.

"She was different," Rocha said of the Tejano music icon. "She had a bright future ahead of her. Obviously, to this date, is very popular."

Saunders said that they knew Selena would be a big draw.

"We can listen to her music and appreciate her and hang out downtown and have a good time," she said.

According to Saunders, another Activate Houston Street event is in the works for June. The details are forthcoming.