The City of San Antonio is trying to iron out its plans to fix a leak in a public pond while saving the wildlife that depends on it as a water source.

San Antonio’s parks and recreation assistant director told KENS 5 back in May that the man-made pond at Denman Estate Park is leaking and to fix it, contractors have to drain it.

Neighbors Robert Clare and Patrick Donnelly say that they recently noticed some of the wildlife that calls this park home struggling to survive.

"Since they are draining the pond for a construction project, the trees are dying," Donnelly said.

On Thursday, city crews added more water to the pond, which now has a temporary irrigation system.

The six-month project is estimated to cost $297,000. There is currently no start date set for the project as the city's parks and rec department determines its habitat management plan to save the wildlife.

The city's parks and recreation department answered the below list of questions for KENS 5 on Thursday:

Since the original proposal, what has changed (cause for the delay) and what are the current conditions of the park and wildlife?

We are currently working with an environmental consultant to ensure the Habitat Management Plan is comprehensive and takes into consideration all the park’s wildlife. This required more time as the original plan included just the pond.

The surrounding trees are struggling in the summer heat as the pond - its main water source - is slowly leaking. How is the department working to fix that?

Staff completed an on-site assessment and water was added to the pond to raise the water level. The temporary irrigation system is operational and a hose bib will be added to allow for hand watering as needed.

Will the department still plan to have town hall meetings with local residents to discuss details of the plan?

Yes. Once the Habitat Management Plan is finalized, a community meeting will be held to include the Neighborhood Association to share the proposed plan.

When is the project expected to start and end?

It will take approximately six months to complete the project once it has begun. A project status will be provided at the community meeting, which a date has not been set yet.

How much of the wildlife is projected to be saved through the management plan?

The Habitat Management Plan includes input from the environmental consultant and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Details of the plan will be shared at the community meeting once finalized.

Why did Parks and Rec propose the project to drain the pond?

There is no natural water source for the manmade pond which has developed fissures and causing leaks. Potable water is used to fill the pond.

Denman Estate Park upgrade plan by KENS 5 on Scribd