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Community members chip in to get man new accordion for Christmas

Zack Novak hasn't let autism stop him from performing. His instrument was getting old, so the community surprised him with a new one.

SAN ANTONIO — Zack Novak has played the accordion since he was 10, and hasn't let autism stop him from performing or even recording his own CD. 

His instrument was getting old, so the community surprised him with a new one. His abilities eventually caught the eye of fellow accordionist, and now friend, Edwin Davidson. 

"He learned it all by himself without any instruction," Davidson said.

While Novak is an amazing player, his accordion was getting old. That's when Davidson had an idea. 

"Start a go fund me. Lets raise some money if we can, and get him a new accordion," he said.

Davidson started the fundraiser in november and pitched in a thousand dollars to start it off. But they needed $6,000. And six weeks later, despite some amazing generosity, they were still short. Davidson had done everything he could, even writing some letters. Sitting in church last sunday... He said a prayer.  

"Haggie was preaching on miracles. I prayed for a miracle myself. I said, 'God help me reach that goal.'" 

Davidson didn't know it, but philanthropist Gordon Hartman, who champions inclusion, read his letter. 

"We immediately jumped on it," said Hartman. "We said, whatever it takes to get Zack his accordion, get it done."    

When Davidson got home that Sunday, he discovered the founder of Morgan's Wonderland had paid every remaining penny.  

On Christmas morning, there was a miracle in the Novaks' living room.  

"We can do a small thing, but make a big difference in the life of one individual," Hartman said.

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