SAN ANTONIO — It was an emotional tribute Sunday night when Clark High School students gathered to honor their classmate, Alexa Montez. The students joined together to say goodbye to a friend who touched the lives of so many people.

“I miss her every day,” one student said during the vigil.

“Alexa was the most beautiful cheerleader. She always came in with a very bright, positive attitude, and a smile that will never be forgotten,” Clark Cheer Coach Nadia Lopez said.

The Clark Cheer Team helped to organize the vigil to honor their teammate.

“They feel she is such a special member on the team that her legacy needs to be honored in a very special way,” said Lopez.

The 16-year-old was found shot to death on January 10, along with her younger sister, London, and her mother, Nichol Olsen.

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Although the medical examiner ruled Olsen’s death a suicide, authorities said they’re still investigating the case.

However, on Sunday night, there was no talk of what happened that night. Friends and family members gathered to celebrate Alexa’s life. Something that meant so much to her father.

“I just couldn't help but feel like she was watching the whole time, thinking that she was okay with this… she's wanting to know that we're going to be okay,” said Alexa’s father, Carlos Montez.

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The group ended the vigil on the football field, where they released balloons in honor of the girl who loved butterflies.

“It's kind of hard to imagine how beautiful she was already to know that she's even more beautiful now,” said Montez. “It actually means a lot to me and my family to see that Alexa was so loved by so many students. She had touched so many lives here,” he added.