SAN ANTONIO — If you're looking to get your movie fix but need a break from your living room couch, there's a solution on the horizon. 

Most major theaters remain temporarily closed amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, as health officials stress the importance of social distancing and communities across the country institute stay-at-home orders to try and curb the outbreak. Drive-in theaters, meanwhile, have experienced a bit of a resurrection, what with patrons staying in their cars and relatively far away from fellow movie-goers. 

In that spirit, EVO Entertainment says it plans to convert the parking lot of its Schertz location into a temporary drive-in cinema, specifically by using a "high-grade white paint" to transform an exterior wall into the "screen." Sound will come through via AM/FM radios in patrons' cars. 

The best news? The screenings, which begin Friday, will be free. Spaces will be limited (and doled out on a first-come, first-serve basis), but you'll still be able to buy your requisite candy, popcorn and soda; the company says concessions will be delivered by staff wearing gloves. 

EVO Entertainment calls the initiative "an effort to support social distancing practices during the COVID-19 outbreak and to provide cinema lovers with the opportunity to enjoy films while all EVO locations are temporarily closed." The screenings will apparently be nightly, although EVO is still ironing out the its schedule. You can find the movie lineup here, once it's finalized. 

Another company is working with Austin-area businesses to further make use of local drive-in theaters in that community as well. 

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