SAN ANTONIO — A police report obtained by the San Antonio Express-News alleges that City Councilman, and mayoral candidate, Greg Brockhouse assaulted his wife, accusing him of throwing his wife to the ground in a 2009 incident.

It’s a report that Brockhouse and other city officials previously told KENS 5 did not exist.

In the police report dated December, 2009, Brockhouse’s wife, Annalisa, told police he threw her to the ground after an evening of heavy drinking and got on top of her. In the police report she states he was going to hit her, but stopped when their children entered the room.

This is the second allegation of domestic violence against Brockhouse. His ex-wife has accused him of pushing her and threatening to hurt her.

The councilman was not arrested or charged in either case.

Annalisa sent KENS 5 the following statement Friday evening in light of the latest developments, claiming the allegations are a result of dirty politics:

“We are supposed to Believe Women,’ yet there remains a small group who refuse believe me. I have never been in, nor would I ever stay, in an abusive relationship, and I certainly wouldn't keep my kids in an abusive environment. As a teacher I have encountered many situations involving abuse and neglect. Family violence happens every day in San Antonio, but never in my house.

“We have kids and they see these campaign and media attacks. Shame on the mayor for perpetuating this lie. I hope no one ever puts their spouse through what he has put me through. I have never been a victim before, but Ron Nirenberg has made me feel like one with his constant attacks on my character, my family and my husband. And for the last time, let me be very clear to those that need to hear, read or see this again: I have never been hurt by my husband, at ANY point in our relationship."

Meanwhile, Nirenberg – set to face off against Greg Brockhouse in a runoff election for mayor on June 8 – is calling for the truth to be told.

“Transparency and accountability start at the top and Councilman Brockhouse needs to explain how and why he’s hid his police records from public view,” Nirenberg said. “The truth of the matter is the repeated history of domestic assault on women make him unfit to serve in any public office, especially in a city that struggles with domestic violence.”

KENS 5 has tried to obtain the police report, but we were told it does not exist. We also asked the district attorney if he was investigating what happened to the report, and he declined to comment.

There is the possibility the police report was expunged, although that typically doesn’t happen when no one has been arrested, and there's no way for it to be proven. 

“Can it be expunged? Yes,” said Nicholas “Nico” LaHood, a criminal defense lawyer and former Bexar County district attorney. “If you look at the statute, it’s supposed to only apply to records of arrest. Now, if a judge signs an order that relates to a non-arrestable incident or incident that didn’t lead to an arrest and then people on it, well, then they are going to act on it.

“Things would have been destroyed under an order that was signed by a judge and the record of the filing of the expunging is destroyed under chapter 55, also.”

For his part, Brockhouse does not have to admit whether or not he had the police report expunged. He and his wife both claim this incident did not happen and the document could have been fabricated. He submitted the following statement to KENS 5 Friday night:

"These allegations are false and my wife's statement is the best proof there is. Ron Nirenberg is trying to destroy my family by spreading lies so he can stay in power. It's disgusting and San Antonio residents see through it."