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'Bean & Chisme' founders discuss popularity and future growth

Bean & Chisme is growing. They're revamping to 'The Bean & Chisme Show,' adding characters and comedians to develop more original content.

SAN ANTONIO — Two unfiltered Latinas who created "Bean & Chisme" have gained in popularity through the years and are only getting bigger.

Their viral spoof videos have garnered hundreds of thousands of clicks on social media. They've grown in popularity through their comedy aiming to connect with the culture. The dynamic duo who pushes the envelope is made up of Samantha Najera and Nina Duran. 

In 2017, they created the show "Bean & Chisme" and, yes, it's named after a bean-and-cheese taco. 

"I was typing in perfect pairs," Duran said. "Unique pairs, peanut butter and jelly, and when I saw the bean-and-cheese taco, something hit. And it was like, 'Bean and Chisme.' We just knew."

It had launched as a live-streaming show on social media. 

"All we knew is that we wanted it to be two Latinas that were unfiltered that could go live, and could talk about whatever we wanted to talk about," Duran said.

Six months into the project, they created what they call "hoodrat" characters. Najera is known as Lil' Chismosa, and Duran is known as Lil' Frijolita.  They dub themselves as two ratas who feel bad for people with bad eyebrows.

"I think we hit the nail on the head in discovering the subculture of San Antonio's Latino lifestyle," Najera said. "Growing up with the big hoops, the earrings, the lipstick, the style the music."

Four years later, Bean & Chisme has grown to nearly 100,000 Facebook followers, thousands more on Instagram and hundreds of thousands of clicks on YouTube. They're known for their spoofs and videos.

"It kind of brings back those memories when you watch our videos," Najera said. "I think that is why we are relatable that way."

Their most popular content features their characters, like at Fiesta, and much of their material is off the cuff.

"We evolved by just trying out new concepts," Najera said. "We never sought out to be in comedy. We never sought out to be writers. And now all of a sudden we are comedic sketch writers, and actresses."

Their latest project is a song they both wrote called "Hoodrat Cumbia." The two friends, who have a magnetic chemistry, said their craft is for their people.

"We never saw it as making fun of our culture," Najera said. "We saw it as reflecting on what we experienced. What our tias sound like, what our primas sound like, our tios."

"We are embracing who we are. And yes, some of it is stereotypes, but it is who we are," Duran said.    

The Latinas said their comedy resonates with their fans.

"I think we found that if we have conversations like as Lil' Frijolita, Lil' Chismosa, our culture is more apt to I want to join this conversation because it is non-threatening," Duran said.

Their little project is not so little anymore. They created an LLC, trademarked the name and started a merchandise line.

"Now, it is what can we do to celebrate our people, to educate our people, and entertain them," Najera said.

"Bean & Chisme" is growing. They're revamping to "The Bean & Chisme Show," and adding characters and other comedians to develop more original content.

"The brand stands for the Tex-Mexican person who loves to live life to the fullest. The possibilities are endless," they said.

Najera and Duran pride themselves on celebrating the culture through comedy. They said it will only get better.

"We can all win together."

Credit: KENS 5

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