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Residents at northeast-side apartment complex say management is unreachable amid constant maintenance issues

One resident said she made a maintenance request in March that still hasn't been fixed.

SAN ANTONIO — Boarded up and difficult to reach, residents at the Star Club apartment complex say their calls to management have been going unanswered

“Sometimes they just won’t show up and the emergency line, we get no call back or answer," said Nathan Salgado, a tenant of two and a half years.

Salgado said the problem is especially acute when there are maintenance issues, which he said happens quite often.

“We have a lot of flooding and electrical issues that never get taken care of,” Salgado said. 

He said that, right now, he doesn’t have hot water. And as storms prepare to make their way through San Antonio in the coming days, he worries his apartment will flood again.

He's also not the only one. 

"My apartment got flooded so many times, my roof fell in my bedroom,” said Rachel King, a mother and resident at the northeast-side complex for 13 years. 

She said it took six months for her plumbing issues to be addressed, and even then, she said the problem isn’t totally fixed.

"I have work orders in March. This is July. Nothing still has been done," King said.

As the mother of seven children, she said her family deserves the services she pays for.

"I don’t want my kids to grow up and think it’s okay to live in an environment that don’t appreciate you," King said.

Austin-based Shippy Properties owns the apartment complex, but residents say the property is constantly being sold and management doesn’t stick around.

KENS 5 tried calling the company, but we haven't been able to get in touch with a spokesperson. 

“It breaks my heart for the kids because I see them every single day," said Kim Youngblood, executive director of Barrington Neighbors.

Youngblood said they try to provide services for the kids at the apartment complex, but it can be hard when they can’t reach management.

"We’re here to help however we can, we just need to know what we can do,” Youngblood said.

Now, as of Saturday, the city is aware of the issue, and District 10 representatives say they're working to get them addressed.  

"We’ve called housing and neighborhood services, we called development services, code compliance and getting everybody involved in this," said City Councilman Clayton Perry.

 Perry said he will keep an eye on the situation going forward.

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