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'A very safe place for all kids' | Local bike park organization serves as 'mentorship' for youth

"I come because it’s really fun. It’s cool how everyone can come here and you can learn off of each other."

SAN ANTONIO — Many kids are tangled up in their devices; phones, tablets, you name it, they’re on it. 

Especially in the pandemic, many kids are bored at home glued to the screen. But one local organization is looking to change that, encouraging kids to get outside and bike.

"A few of us came out and wanted to get off our devices, and we asked all our friends to get out and ride just to get off our screens," said Alamo Height Bike Park youth committee leader Weston Cox. His vision of creating a safe, inclusive place for kids to be active has led to more than just a group of kids riding bikes. 

"This is a very safe place for all kids who come from all different backgrounds. If they’re hungry, or they need something, we’re always there for them," said Cox.

He told us boys and girls of all ages have come to the park with their helmet and face mask, looking to exercise and have an enjoyable time.

"I come because it’s really fun. It’s cool how everyone can come here and you can learn off of each other," said youth committee member Addison Hurff.

The City of Alamo Heights has entered into an agreement with the Alamo Heights Bike Park organization to permit the temporary use of a crushed granite parking lot for riders to use while they work on a permanent location for a park.

Parents have also created ramps for the kids to jump with their bikes. And founding board member Kirstin Silberschlag said the feedback from the children has been wonderful.

"As a parent, it’s something we’re very excited about. It’s in the neighborhood. and we feel good when our kids are down here," said Silberschlag. "There’s a lot of mentoring going on. From kids five to 17, they’re helping each other out. This is great because they’re off the roads. They’re here in a dedicated space."

Silberschlag said she and the organization want The City of Alamo Heights to create a permanent place for kids to ride and enjoy the outdoors.

"We’re excited to have this temporary space, but what we really want to do is keep the momentum up, keep the excitement up and find a permanent location where kids can really build, jump and continue to learn skills and collaborate," said Silberschlag.

To learn more about the Alamo Heights Bike Park, or how to get involved, click here.

Alamo Heights Bike Park supports the neighborhood youth to build jumps, ride bikes, collaborate together and strengthen community bonds. Located near San Antonio, Texas the Bike Park offers cross country trails, pump track, novice, beginner, intermediate and expert lines. We also offer technical bike fix station and water bottle refill station.

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