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Answering your questions about the King Jay Davila Case

In a case with a staged kidnapping and false statements, police still have a lot to work through- and San Antonians have many questions about the case.

SAN ANTONIO — Investigators have a lot to work through as they investigate the death of King Jay Davila. Here is a general timeline of the case:

-Friday, January 4: Police ask community to look out for King Jay Davila after his father, Christopher Davila, said he was kidnapped at the Friends Food Mart on Highway 90. A half hour later, the car the dad said he was taken in was dumped near Elmer and Arvil by Rodriguez Park with the carseat removed. Later, police learned the baby was not in the carseat at that time.

-Saturday, January 5: Police release surveillance video showing a woman they believed was involved. They later identified her as Angie Torres, Christopher Davila's cousin.

-Sunday, January 6: King Jay's mom joins others to search at Rodriguez Park. Investigators look through Leon Creek after a baby bottle was found nearby, but do not find King Jay.

-Monday, January 7: The search continues and police confirm foul play was involved.

-Tuesday, January 8: Police search Christopher Davila's home.

-Wednesday, January 9: Police interview Torres again, and investigators say she admitted Christopher's mother told her King Jay had been hurt, and that she helped to cover it up by taking the car and dumping the carseat.

-Thursday, January 10: According to police, Christopher Davila takes them to an open field near an overpass and leads them to a black backpack with what they believe was King Jay's body, wrapped in a blanket inside.

-Friday, January 11: Police announce new charges for Christopher Davila and confirm the search for King Jay is over, but the investigation is only just beginning. 

Many KENS 5 viewers have been asking about whether Child Protective Services had intervened with King Jay Davila's family before. A spokesperson for CPS says they had not had a case involving King Jay, but are involved in an investigation of the circumstances surrounding King Jay's death. 

Other viewers have asked about when King Jay was first injured. An affidavit says that a witness heard a conversation between family members on January 3 about the child being injured- a day before the staged kidnapping on January 4. But it is still unclear when, specifically, it occurred; the Office of the Medical Examiner will be investigating.