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365 unresolved days: The tragedy at Anaqua Springs Ranch one year later

The investigation into the deaths of Nicole Olsen and her two daughters has not yielded a satisfactory conclusion for Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar.

SAN ANTONIO — Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar has seasoned homicides detectives and the Federal Bureau of Investigations assisting him with a case he can't shake. He's still not satisfied.

"I mean I'm satisfied with our effort at this point. Do I wish we had answers at this point? Absolutely," Salazar said.

But he is realistic enough to know the FBI's skill set takes time. Federal investigators agreed to review evidence from the deaths of a mother and her two daughters at Anaqua Springs Ranch.

The tragedy happened one year ago, Jan 10. According to investigators, Nicole Olsen's boyfriend made the gruesome discovery.

"It was a cool day. Kinda over cast like it is today," Salazar said.

He recalled driving out near Boerne Stage Rd to an exclusive luxury subdivision with a guard and gates.

"You're still not completely safe from evil and crime," he said. "It has the ability to reach out and touch any of at  any given time. We  can't take a moment for granted."

37-year-old Olsen, her 16 and 10-year-old daughters Alexa Montez and London Bribiescas were dead. Investigators described the scene as complicated. A crime scene that didn't necessarily say double murder-suicide. In fact, in court documents investigators thought it could be a triple murder.

Salazar stood behind that probability even as the Bexar County Medical Examiner concluded this was a murder-suicide.

"I don't believe that we have turned up any evidence the would help us refute the original ruling which was suicide and double murder,"

In the year since the tragic discovery, no one has been able to offer any explanation to support why a mother would kill her daughters and take her own life.

Salazar said the victims' family hired their own investigator to review the case. But he said his deputies have left no stone unturned.

"We've  fingerprinted every possible surface in that home that could have been fingerprinted," he said. "We've looked at any type of video, electronic records from cell phones, text messages. we've looked over all that."

Still no answer to convince him the case has been solved. Olsen's boyfriend, who was not arrested or listed as a suspect. One of his attorneys, Mark Stevens, did not offer a comment for his client because he 'didn't believe there was a story.'

Salazar said as long as there are questions in his mind the case remains open.

"Does the payoff to me mean that we're finally able to walk someone into jail?No." Salazar said. "That's not necessarily it. I want to know the truth."

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