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Thanksgiving meal will cost 14% more this year

The holiday meal will cost you more this year. Here is what you can expect to spend.

SAN ANTONIO — The Farm Bureau released its Thanksgiving dinner cost. You will be paying 14 percent more for a feast for 10 people. That breaks down to an extra $6.41 out of your wallet overall.

The classic Thanksgiving dinner that includes 12 items will be $53.31 total this year. That is up from $46.90 last year.

Here's what you can expect to pay:

Turkey - $4.60 more this year or about $1.50 per pound.

Cranberries - 11 percent more or $2.98 total.

Sweet potatoes - Up just 12 cents so you will spend $3.56 for three pounds.

Rolls - Extra 40 cents this year for one dozen.

Stuffing - The only item to see a price drop. You will pay about 50 cents less.

Pumpkin pie - Pay a quarter more.

KENS 5's mission is to cut your costs as much as possible. Here are tips on where to find fresh produce for less plus a substitution you can also use to further reduce the cost:

“Go to your local farm stands,” said Jessica Weaver, a financial expert known as Not Your Father’s Advisor. 

“They’re usually are still open right now. You’re going to get much better produce and better quantity. You’ll get more for your buck. Be flexible with your side dishes. The fall vegetables are going to be your best buy lately. Can goods usually are about 80 percent cheaper than fresh produce. Frozen are about 50 percent cheaper,” she says.

Keep your stomach and wallet full this holiday.

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