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Why the price of paletas is rising at El Paraiso

Inflation led the owner to increase the paleta price but customers say it's worth every penny.

SAN ANTONIO — A local ice cream parlor is apologizing to its customers after announcing a price increase for paletas due to inflation. 

In a recent social media post, El Paraiso Ice Cream said 'each paleta will cost $0.60 cents starting Monday, May 9, 2022'.

Since opening in 1984, the family-owned business has pride itself on selling paletas for 50 cents each. Now, when customers pull up to its drive-thru off Fredericksburg Rd. they will have to dish out 10 cents more.

"I think it's understandable, yes. I think everywhere you go right now they're rising their prices," said one customer.

Responses on social media have also been positive and understanding. One response even went as far to say they would pay more for their ice cream and fruit bars.

"I would pay $10 for any flavor of paleta from you guys," said the user.

While the support makes the owner happy, he didn't want people to pay more for the paletas.

"I want everyone to enjoy the price and have access to the price," said Jose Flores.

Inflation led to the paletas first price increase by 5 cents in March. His daughter Maggie Flores said the ice cream milk and fruit they use went up in price by 30 percent earlier this year. Gas prices and labor cost also impacted their bottom line.

Sugar, not so much.

Recently, ice cream milk and fruit went up another 10 percent. Flores said by pushing their price another 5 cents it would allow them to break even and make a profit.

It's still worth every penny for Juan Espinoza.

"I've been coming here every time we come into San Antonio. We enjoy the good paleta with the natural fruit. I've been to Mexico and they are pretty similar to the Mexican paletas," said Espinoza, a customer.

John Elder said the heat is enough to bring him back each visit.

"The summertime is going to be pretty brutal and the best cure is paletas!"