Martial arts instructors say that it teaches confidence and promotes physical and mental health. One San Antonio instructor had a timely idea to help stop the violence.

Len Trevino, owner of Mu Sool Won Martial Arts of San Antonio, said he wanted to do something in response to the Florida High School shooting.

“I felt like, what can I do on a local level?”

So he took to Facebook on Thursday offering a full year of martial arts training to everyone who voluntarily surrenders an assault-type weapon to the San Antonio Police Department.

The training is valued at $1,300.

The motivation behind the post is to promote a healthy way of dealing with stress and anger instead of using violence.

“If somebody out there has an assault weapon and is kind of on the fringes or close to violence, this is a way to say, ‘here's a new opportunity for you,’” Trevino said.

The instructor, who has been practicing martial arts since he was a child himself, wanted to provide personal growth for “individuals that are dealing with internal issues, like fear or anger.”

Trevino is a gun owner, himself. He says he's all for responsible gun ownership. His goal, though, is to target youth who may be struggling.

He said that some people have already taken him up on his offer.

“I’ve gotten calls from two individuals, a 17-year-old, asking if two illegal handguns he got off the street would qualify,” he said. “I'm not going to turn him away.”

A spokesperson for SAPD says that anyone who wants to surrender their weapon can do so by calling the non-emergency line.

Trevino says that all he needs is proof, like documentation or a phone call to his studio.