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Travel during pandemic, insure your next trip | Money Smart

Millions of people are expected to travel this Thanksgiving holiday.

SAN ANTONIO — The holidays will be here before you know it. If your plans involve a suitcase, here’s how to protect your trip from unexpected costs.

Millions of people are expected to travel this Thanksgiving holiday. Whether it’s on the road or in the air, consider protecting your trip. According to a AAA survey, 31% of travelers in the country are more likely to purchase insurance for their trips that are planned until the end of 2022.

Omar Kaywan with Goose Insurance says people need to prioritize insurance this holiday season. He points to the pandemic, shortage of workers, vaccine mandate and recent airline cancellations.

“For you to get a $5 million travel medical policy with Goose Insurance, it could be as low as $10, $15. If you're traveling domestically and/or if you're looking at protecting the cost of your flight and accommodations, you're looking around $30 to $40 per person on average,” he explained.

Kaywan says in addition to flight or road coverage, people should consider travel medical insurance. He recommends checking your health insurance network and finding out what your provider could pay in case of an emergency.

“It happens all the time, especially for border cities like U.S. and Canada,” said Kaywan. “I know an American guy who crossed the border on his bike, which happens all the time, and he had a heart attack 50 feet away from the border. The border officer can't just physically touch him and drag him on the other side. He had to be airlifted and it was all out of his own pocket.”

There are different companies that offer insurance policies. Be sure to do your own research and pick the coverage that fits your needs.


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