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Money Smart Challenge: Organizing digital files

We all know the benefits of organizing. You’re less stressed, productive and more consistent. Here’s one challenge you can do in a space of a week.

SAN ANTONIO — We all know the benefits of organizing: you’re less stressed, more productive and more consistent. 

Here’s a challenge to complete in one week to help you reach that point.  

For the next three weeks on Eyewitness News at 6 p.m. Tuesday, there will be a new challenge for you to tackle. Since organization and finances go hand-in-hand, the challenges are designed to help you get in order in the space of a week. 

The first one was to get your email tidied up. Karl Eggerss, CAPTRUST principal and financial advisor, kicks off our second week challenge with tips.


“I think one of the best ways to organize your bills is to scan the documents that you still get in paper format and create specific folders for each of those bills. Whether it’s utilities, it’s a cell phone bill, whatever it might be,” said Eggerss.


“If you're an organized person already, it can still bog down your computer with years and years of old phone bills of some old records. If you're past a certain date that you're comfortable with, go ahead and delete those old files. Purge them, maybe move them to an external hard drive,” suggested Eggerss.


He recommends that you designate someone you trust to access your sensitive files and information online.

“It may be a child. So, if something happens to you you're living by yourself, somebody knows how to get to those important documents,” Eggerss said.


“Most of us live on our phones. So, using apps to organize your life is really helpful. Whether it's budgeting, or whether it's backing up your computer and being able to access those files on the go,” said Eggerss. “There are numerous times people ask me for a particular file and because I have it securely on my phone, I don't have to dig through an old file cabinet or go to my home computer to get it.”

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