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High egg prices fuel smuggling attempts

"November '22 to mid-January of this year, more than 330 egg interceptions," said Rick Pauza with U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

HOUSTON — With egg prices through the roof, many people are finding alternative ways to get their supply, even if it's illegal. 

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection said it's seeing a huge increase in egg smuggling at the borders

"We've experienced about a 300% increase in the interceptions of raw eggs at our South Texas ports of entry," said Rick Pauza. "November '22 to mid-January of this year, more than 330 egg interceptions."

That's versus 84 for the same two-month period last year. 

Pauza said border patrol agents have seen eggs hidden under clothes and within luggage. He said the typical seizure of eggs is usually in the amount of personal use rather than intent to distribute. 

The punishment for getting caught smuggling eggs is usually $300 for your first offense. The second time you're caught, you're looking at a fine of about $500.

Eggs are usually prohibited from being declared from another country to control the spread of diseases like avian influenza, better known as bird flu. 

Bird flu has devastated egg-laying hens by 43 million in the U.S. since last February. 

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