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BUY IT NOW: Get $60 off the Dr. Save Vacuum Packing Kit with two bonus bags and free shipping

Every day I strive to save you money. Today, I'm saving you time, money and space! I'm also saving you the cost of pesky baggage fees. And if you have run out of storage space in a household closet, I also have you covered!

I just traveled to England for six days with cold weather clothing and brought only one carry-on! I dodged a $100 checked baggage fee and a potential one-hour wait to reclaim checked luggage from London's Heathrow Airport. Today's top travel deal provided me with 60 percent more space in my TSA-approved carry-on.

Even if you don't travel that often, today's deal can help you save time and space. Are you packing away your winter clothes as a spring cleaning project? This device can help.

Dr. Save is one of my favorite vacuum packing devices on the market — and I've tested many for my YouTube channel — because it's highly portable. About the same size as a recent iPhone, it can accompany you anywhere.

Click the play button to see my before and after shots packing for a trip!

Features of the Dr. Save Vacuum Travel Kit:

  • Special deal price today includes two bonus vacuum bags.
  • Protect your clothing against insects, dust, moisture and mildew.
  • Ultra compact for travel.
  • Use this to store bulky clothing, large jackets and bedding.
  • Frees up to 60-70 percent more space for storage.
  • Great for closets, under the bed storage and packing luggage.

BUY IT NOW: Get $60 off the Dr. Save Vacuum Packing Kit with two bonus bags and free shipping
Was: $99.99
Now: $39.99


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