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Happy Earth Day 2019. Today going green can save you a lot of green!

With several dozen Earth Day deals and freebies online today, I thought I would make a list of the nine best offerings in honor of Earth Day 2019.

Whether you're in the market for the top-selling weighted blanket which is sustainable and made of an eco-friendly composition or significant savings on energy efficient appliances, I have you covered.

Have a frugal and meaningful Earth Day 2019!

WEIGHTED BLANKETS: $50 off new 20-pound sustainable Pur Gravity weighted blankets. It's the best-selling weighted blanket in the country, and you can get it for $169.00 with free shipping today.

DRYER BALLS: $20 off Pur Soft Dryer Balls. These replace dryer sheets and decreases dryer time, saving energy. They're $34.99 with free shipping today.

APPLIANCES: At Best Buy today, you can save up to 30 percent off eco-friendly appliances. You also can get 30 percent off appliances at Home Depot.  

CLOTHING: Get 20 percent off a Levi's purchase when you bring in a used but laundered denim clothing article.

CLOTHING: Get 20 percent off your first order at Rent the Runway or $80 off an Rent the Runway Unlimited Trial.

EARTH DAY CLOTHING: Save up to 20 percent off Earth Day clothing and gifts from Cafe Press.

HOME GOODS: Get up to 20 percent off select Amazon Warehouse products until April 22.

BABY ITEMS: Save up to 20 percent off select Target baby items when you trade in your baby car seat.

NATIONAL PARKS: Waived entrance fees in honor of National Park week.


Who is Matt Granite?

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