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Deadline to file property tax appraisal protest quickly approaching

Midnight Wednesday is the deadline to file an application to protest 2017 Bexar County property tax appraisals.

Midnight Wednesday is the deadline to file an application to protest 2017 Bexar County property tax appraisals.

North Bexar County resident Harry Hyatt visited the Bexar Appraisal District on Thursday, filed the paperwork, and got instant relief at an informal hearing.

“It was very easy,” Hyatt said. "It was reduced so we did save, we sure did, and was absolutely worth the trip."

Assistant Chief Appraiser Roy Sandoval said that there are several easy ways to file a protest:

Property owners can visit the district’s website and request for an informal hearing. For some owners, it is possible to handle the entire process online.

“You would send us your information, we send you ours, we do everything electronically,” Sandoval explained. “If we come to an agreement, then the case is closed. If not, then you would get a scheduled date to come before the appraisal review board.”

Customers who prefer to do business the traditional way also have options. Walk-in appointments can be made at any time on a first-come, first-served basis.

Protests can also be filed by mail. Sandoval said that appraisal notices that were recently mailed to property owners have a form on the back that can be filled out and mailed in as long as the letter is postmarked by midnight on May 31.

Sandoval said that no matter what method is used to file a protest, all property owners should ask for the evidence packet.

“Put a little note on there that you request the evidence packet, that way we can send it to you ahead of time,” Sandoval noted. “You can review it ahead of time or you can sit down with one of our staff and review it together.

“The evidence packet is everything that we are going to present to the appraisal review board. It will contain all the sales information that we use to value your property but, more importantly, it will also have 100 properties like yours.”

The Bexar Appraisal District at 411 North Frio will be closed Monday for the Memorial Day holiday but online requests may be submitted any time.

Sandoval said that after the May 31 deadline, appraisers will begin the hearing process for the thousands of people who apply on June 1.