SAN ANTONIO -- A device that fits in your ear could improve your speech, a welcome relief for stutterers.

"Technology now allows us to put it in their ear so it's like they are hearing themselves talk," speech pathologist Dr. April Smith said.

Adults who've struggled with stuttering say Speech Easy is a huge comfort.

"I've pretty much dealt with stuttering all my life. Being a stutterer, getting on the phone and making a cold call if you will, is very, very... It's a very very nervous thing," Carr Stokes said.

Stokes lives in the Boerne area and has worked with Smith to correct his stuttering for several years.

The device isn't a cure, but experts claim it could help solve the problem.

"It's an absolute game changer. We see individuals that are completely debilitated by their stuttering. [That includes] simple things that we would take for granted like talking on the phone or ordering at a restaurant," Smith said.

People can use the device at their own discretion.

"It certainly helps get through those hurdles. If I've had a stressful day, my stuttering is worse," Stokes said.

Speech Easy is usually for adults, and teenagers have used it in some cases.

"The device is not typically covered by insurance, but there is an opportunity to finance through speech easy with zero percent interest," Smith said.

Patients are not permitted to order Speech Easy on their own and use it without seeing a speech pathologist.

Smith said patients using it must be receiving professional help with their speech.

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