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Two siblings take a homeschool project and used it to help others | Made in SA

A brother and sister are creating macramé plant holders as a "side hustle."

SAN ANTONIO — Every macramé project for siblings Madison and Matthew Heymann starts with measuring out yarn.

"It was a homeschool project so we are homeschooled and then it turned into a math lesson," Matthew Heymann said. 

With the help of their mom, Jenny, they learned how to count out each string and tie the knots needed to hold their pots. 

"It was a little hard because we had to do a lot of knots like ten and ten," Madison Heymann said. 

Their first run at selling at the Boerne Handmade Market was an exciting experience  for Matthew and Madison.

"When the first person bought our macramé pots I was like-woah," Matthew Heymann said. 

Their mom and teacher is hoping these little entrepreneurs take away three lessons from their business project.

"Spend, save and share," Matthew Heymann said. 

"We share it like with the church or homeless people who need money," Madison Heymann said. 

While sometimes it can be hard going into business with your siblings, there's also no one else these two would rather do it with. 

"I like it because it's so fun because we get to do a lot of things with your family," Madison Heymann said.