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A fresh spin a new aguas frescas business | Made In SA

“Here in San Antonio people are very adventurous. They like to try different things," Tasty, co-owner, Nelson Matos said.

SAN ANTONIO — Every batch of agua fresca at 'Tasty' begins with only the freshest ingredients, with the fruit primed to it’s meat to ensure every bit of goodness is used. 

But, these aguas frescas come with a twist. 

“Here in San Antonio people are very adventurous. They like to try different things," Tasty co-owner, Nelson Matos said. 

The company also brings out unique flavors like their Snickers Horchata or exotic fruit flavor blends.

The mastermind behind their unique ideas is co-owner Johnny Rivers. 

“I’m able to use recipes and traditions that my family has given me. The lemonade especially just using simple ingredients to make something super delicious and just reminding me of the nostalgia my grandmother used to have whenever we would prepare it at her home," Rivers said. 

His partner and co-founder, Nelson Matos, executes his ideas, but also is also leaning on the recipes he grew up with in Puerto Rico

“The pina coladas that I have its my mom’s recipe actually," Mato said. “My grandfather is 104 and he used to make aguas for me, passion fruit. That’s why I make passion fruit and tamarind and he used to do also melon." 

These two make something ‘tasty’ with every batch brewed.

"It’s a great team, great team," Rivers said. 

But this wasn’t always their full time job, they started the business after the pandemic hit in 2020

“We had both been laid off...and we have a family to provide for and we had to think of a ways that we could start our own business and make money quickly,” Rivers said. 

They hit the ground running and watched Tasty’s flavors evolve.

“I didn’t anticipate it taking off like this," Rivers said. “It was scary, but I think the thing that kept us going was just each other, the motivation we would give each other.”

With their fans behind them, these business men hope to continue to share their take on the originals, as well as some aguas frescas you can only get from Tasty. 

“Its having those ideas, having that perseverance and then establishing yourself with that support system that will allow you to succeed," Rivers said.  

You can find Tasty at Rainbow Gardens Saturday and Sundays 11-5 p.m. all summer.

Their aguas frescas are also offered at the three Sari-Sari Filipino restaurants around town or you can always order through their Instagram.

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