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Made in SA: She learned to sew, created 'The Cheerful Roost'

A female-owned business stitches together kitchen products to make your life a little easier. Check out the "Bowl Buddies" that will help with soup and ice cream.

SAN ANTONIO — Texas summers can be hot and that means those ice cold drinks will sweat faster than most. It was that thinking that led a San Antonio woman to end up creating her own business.

"Ice melts so quick and your cup is sweating," The Cheerful Roost, owner, Toni O'Dell said. "So that's the reason I decided to start with ice coffee sleeves."

When O'Dell saw the price of these coffee sleeves online, she thought she'd make one herself.  

However, it would prove challenging with no sewing in her background.

"YouTube and just trial and error, went through a lot of material a lot of fabric before I figured it out," O'Dell said

She added fun prints and color to appeal to any personality.

"Something that people will have sit out and serve to their guests," O'Dell said. 

She didn't stop there. She added mug rugs and bowl buddies to her line.

"People love the bowl buddies because so many people either eat ice cream with their kitchen towel, or they burn their hands trying to reheat up a bowl of soup," O'Dell said. 

Bowl Buddies are now one of her biggest sellers. 

 "A lot of people just think it's the coolest thing – the most handy, useful thing that they didn't realize they needed," O'Dell said. 

This maker also found support among other female business owners.

"When you see someone get a little win or a big win, we are all there cheering them on," she said. 

O'Dell has some words of inspiration for those future entrepreneurs.

"If you've got that creative mindset to do it and you've got the drive and the willpower absolute make that leap – don't be afraid to ask questions of your peers, always be able to take constructive criticism, and always be willing to learn and grow," O'Dell said.

To check out her Etsy shop, click here.