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Southtown Buñuelos cooks up a family tradition | Made in S.A.

San Antonio man out of a job and down on his luck, turns to a family recipe to start his own business.

SAN ANTONIO — For many lights, decorations and gifts under the tree mean the holidays have arrived.

However for some, it also means buñuelo season is here as well.

"It's just our tradition. It's something we are going to be handing down to our family," Southtown Buñuelos, owner, Art Giron said. 

For Art Giron, buñuelos are a year round treat.

"There's always a stigma about bunuelos," Giron said. "Buñuelos are only good for the holidays and I was like no. They're delicious all the time."

The cinnamon sugar covered goodness started by accident shortly after his father had gotten sick.  

"My dad had some health problems and as a thank you to the doctors and nurses my mom made some buñuelos for them," Giron said. "And they loved them and all of a sudden they were like how can we order these?"

An influx of orders left them scratching their heads. 

"It went from four dozen, to forty to 150 and we are looking at each other like I think we have something here." Giron said. 

But it took Giron losing his job in 2016 for him to take the leap to create Southtown Buñuelos

"To be able to do what you love is amazing," Giron said. 

Now he is working side by side with his family to create the seasonal florets.

"It's been reinvigorating. I feel better in my 40's than I ever have in my 20's," Giron said. "It's one of those things to show the younger generation. You can do this."

His hope is that others will continue to shop small and spread the love with other start ups.

"I want to tell everybody I appreciate everything, the love and the support. I really want to stress this, support small businesses. You can change their lives by just giving them a little recognition," Giron said. 


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