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Business owner describes her love of crafting, 'It was all glitter and sparkle' | Made in SA

A San Antonio woman crafts her way through a pandemic to create a thriving business.

SAN ANTONIO — For Lisa Blank, her canvases are smaller than most, but come in all sorts of shapes and designs. The owner of Paisley Charm Creation's love for creating beautiful things has been present for a long time.

"It was all glitter and sparkle and I just thought ok what is this," Lisa Blank said. "I had been doing jewelry for years and years and have always been crafting, and I just thought that they were absolutely beautiful."

Like many during the pandemic, Blank was looking for something new to keep her busy and found these colorful charms on the internet.  

"My friends and family will tell you that if there is something new to try as far as crafts are concerned – I'm going to go after it," Blank said. 

She dove right into the miniature world of acrylics and glitter.

"I just decided to jump in full force with 180 different colors of glitter and thousands of blanks to go through, and it's been an amazing response," Blank said. 

She started with key chains – expanding to badge reels and even straw buddies.

"I mainly did it because I loved the idea that they can be customized to anything," Blank said. 

Blank brought to life her customers' personalities with unique personalized badges.

"They come to me with some wackadoodle idea and I will do my best to make it happen," Blank said. "That's what I love best about doing this business is that I get to make my own designs and it's really a creative outlet for me."

Blank's business is now thriving after a year and a half in operation.

"I had my best year last year, and I'm so so grateful that while so many were struggling, I was able to take my business to the next level," Blank said. 

"It's a cool feeling to get to see something you painstakingly made on your desk show up in the real world – it's an incredible feeling," Blank said. 

She gave this advice to other fellow crafters out there.

"I would say just jump into it with both feet just go for it," Blank said. "You're going to bring something new to that marketplace that I don't have and that my next door neighbor has – so just jump in with both feet and just enjoy the ride."