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Mona's All Purpose Seasoning is 'poppin' with flavor' | Made in SA

The perfect blend creates the perfect business for one San Antonio family.

SAN ANTONIO — When making Mona's All Purpose Seasoning, it takes little bit of creativity, the perfect blend of spices and a whole lot of flavor.

"Growing up, flavor was important. Bland food was not an option, so it was very important for me to make sure that my seasoning has a flavor," Mona's All Purpose Seasoning co-owner Mona Giroux said. 

Mona and Herschel Giroux grew up with lots of flavor in their pallet. Both inspired by their mother's always cooking in the kitchen. 

"I'm from the Caribbean the island of Trinidad. For us, my mom has always been cooking and so flavor, flavor, flavor -- that's the biggest thing," Mona's All Purpose Seasoning co-owner Herschel Giroux said. 

So, it was no surprise when Mona randomly created the blend when cooking a brisket one weekend. 

After encouragement from a professional pit master, and four years of testing the seasoning on family and friends, they took the business live in 2021 creating, Mona's All Purpose Seasoning.

"Never thought that just cooking in the kitchen and throwing something together would become this," Mona said. 

"It's good to see her dream one of her dreams come true and see it grow," Herschel said. 

Whether it's their original, mild or spicy, Mona's promises lots of flavor to any meal.

"Mona's makes everything taste better," Herschel said. "We want the moments, to remember the meal and the time together with family. That's the big thing for us."

You can order Mona's All Purpose Seasoning online. 

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