HONDO, Texas — In these rolling pastures grows thousands of oleander shrubs.

"The plant itself has been used as an ornamental flower, its native to the Mediterranean and South East Asia, Nerium Biotechnology, CEO Dennis Knocke said. 

We know it as a plant we see outside homes or on the side of highways, but the folks at Nerium Biotechnology have found a better use for it.

"This plant has some very, very unique properties," Knocke said. "Anti-Cancer properties, anti-viral properties, immune-stimulating and even topical dermal applications that we have been looking at."

The company developed a patented technology that allows them to extract from the plant to create topical creams.

Oleander used at the base of Nerium Biotechnology

"There is no one else in the world who uses our Ne8 product," Knocke said. 

But the work really starts in these fields by the hands of Joel Curtis and his crew.

"I love growing things. I love seeing life, I just I love it," Director of farm operations, Joel Curtis said. 

Curtis understanding that his team's care for these shrubs, along with research in labs has created top of the line beauty and therapy products.  

"I kind of am always thinking just how many people my crop is going to touch that is going to help them," Curtis said. "It really is a gratifying feeling."