SAN ANTONIO — Janessa Sullivan has always found her joy in the kitchen.

“I always liked baking as a child. At like six and seven I would bake by myself... and then I taught myself how to cook when I got married," Doubleside Toffee Co., owner Janessa Sullivan said. 

Doubleside Toffee Co.

It was always her doublesided toffee recipe that she was known for.

“I just made it over the holidays for friends and family and we would fight over it," Sullivan said. 

It was two years ago, after going through some trying times, she decided to lean on her talents in the kitchen.

“I did a lot of soul searching and I tried to figure out what I was supposed to be doing and I realized that I had always had kind of an itch to start my own business," Sullivan said. "The only thing that was stopping me was I was just terrified of failing and that would mean about me as a person."

But with the encouragement of a friend and leaning on her faith she took the plunge into business ownership.

Doubleside Toffee Co.

“I came to the realizations that if that was what was stopping me I wasn’t really trusting God and his plan for me," Sullivan said. 

Naming her business after the popular recipe- Doubleside Toffe Co.

“I really wanted something that conveyed more than just my toffee and so it’s double coated with chocolate but it’s also double good, so not only does it taste good but I do good with it,"Sullivan said. 

Her business allowing her to give back to two faith based nonprofits.

"They are changing people’s lives and therefore changing the world, and I’m glad I can be a small part of that,” said Sullivan.

Doubleside Toffee Co.

And while ups and downs come and go with any small business, Sullivan continues to lean on her faith.

“I’m still scared if I’m going to make a profit every year but I feel empowered that I am doing something that I am called to and I’m showcasing abilities that god has given me," Sullivan said. "And that’s special whether I’m making a profit or not I’m helping other people."

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