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Made in S.A.: Cordelia Special-Tees

More than just creating t-shirts, this business is teaching students life skills.

SAN ANTONIO — At 534 Cordelia Street, Inside the Burleson Center, there is a full operating business.

But at Cordelia Special-Tees its not so much the product that is as unique as the young adults who make them.

“I just like it, maybe because I always was an artist," second year student, Michael Pinales said. "I just like to make things.”

The small business was actually inspired by Michael Pinales after instructors were looking for something that would tap into his artistic talents.

“I’ve really seen Michael flourish in the multitasking component and finishing tasks," Burleson Center, 18+ Transition Coordinator, Sarah Minner said. 

And other students have taken to screen printing as well.

“I can’t stay still or anything so it helps me not get frustrated as much," student, Celestino Cervantes said. 

“What I love the most is all the teachers helping out and all the new friends here,” student, Dillon Salazar said. 

Their daily tasks helping these young adults to learn some important life skills.

"I’ve seen a lot of growth in some of these students and we are excited with where we are headed,” Minner said. 

And don’t doubt their abilities to take on large orders from both within the district and from the outside in community.

“It always gets hectic with large orders of 300 shirts, so yeah you kind of get stressed a little bit," Pinales said 

“The beauty of it is we come together as a team to make it happen," Minner said. "So it’s really just playing on everybody’s strengths and setting up students for success and ensuring that they can create a beautiful product, learn along the way."

And a moment of accomplishment when these students get to see their work through from start to finish, then worn out in the public.

“I think it’s really, really special because we are able to provide this to the community and not just like hey once you are done with high school you are on your own, but to be able to support these students and transition them to young adulthood," Minner said. 

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