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Ooyoo Pan: Blending Korean and Spanish cultures in the kitchen | Made in SA

Korean macarons take off in San Antonio, born out of a home-based business.

SAN ANTONIO — Ooyoo Pan, just like its name, is creating a cultural fusion in the kitchen. Their sweet treats are sure to make you look twice.

"She enjoyed baking and I enjoy cooking so it's basically her strength is my weakness," co-owner, Aldo Cortes said. "My Mexican cooking, her Korean treats."

Couple and business owners, Aldo Cortes and Nari Hodges, fusion of cultures are mixing up one of a kind Korean-style macarons in their kitchen.

"I grew up on like Korean treats and going to Korean cafes and it just makes me so nostalgic, and I love that I can bring that here to San Antonio," co-owner, Nari Hodges said. 

However, these are not your traditional macarons. These little bites have a bit of character to them.

"I kind of see everything in a 3-D space, so it kind of just makes sense when I'm piping and it stands up and I can just build and keep building," Hodges said. 

Nari is a full-time student studying 3-D animation and game design.

"It's also like my art too that I bring to life, but I think it's just the time that we put into our pieces." Hodges said. "These character macarons take four or five hours to make."

Korean-style cookies also mean double-stuffed fillings, which Cortes loves to make.

"Yeah, she calls me the sauce master," Cortes said.

"It's so fun to make and it makes people happy," Hodges said.

This couple finding common ground in the kitchen and capitalizing on its outcome.

"It's a little busy but it's something that we both enjoy," Cortes said. "I enjoy my work and she enjoys her school, and we still have something to come home to."