SAN ANTONIO — Meet Kevin Hintz, he's the new Master Model Builder at Lego Land Discovery Center.

"I just keep trying to convince myself that it's real and that I am actually having this much fun doing my job," Lego Master Model Builder, Kevin Hintz said. 

Hintz is only the 12th master builder in North America.

"It wasn't easy but it feels so rewarding," Hintz said. 

It took him three tries to win the title.

"The thing with Kevin is not only is he a phenomenal builder, but his interaction with the kids and families is just awesome," Marketing Manager, Chase Hathaway said. 

Ledo Discovery Center

"I knew I was passionate about Lego but I didn't know how much fun it would be. Seeing the passion in other kids and be able to teach them and help them create their own stuff and create memorable experiences and that has just opened things for me too," Hintz said. 

Hintz dreamed of becoming a master model builder since he was 12 years-old

"Ever since I was a little kid, I always loved playing with Lego. It's always been a natural talent that I had," Hintz said. 

However, it's not like any old dream job.

There's no schooling to become a master model builder, so Hintz is mostly self-taught. 

"It's such a great educational tool. You are learning lots of different things without realizing that you are learning because you are having so much fun," Hintz said. 

And he's got a bit of advice for those looking to build on their own dreams.

"I would say to any kid out there if you really want to do it, just push yourself and keep going and don't let any obstacles get in your way just keep going," Hintz said.