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Glass artist creates joy by creating unique drinking vessels | Made in SA

A San Antonio glass artist creates creativity you can hold.

SAN ANTONIO — At his studio on the southside of San Antonio amongst nature, his peacock Handsomer, and cats is where artist Justin Parr feels most at home. 

"I always wanted to be an artist," Parr said. “I started kind of just making drinking glasses and it felt good to me.”

Creating art in many different forms and fashions for the last 20 years, its when he’s blowing glass that he’s found his flow.

"I like to make marks on them that you can see and you can kind of feel a little bit of a texture and you can tell this glass is handmade," Parr said. "Verses something… You can go buy a perfect glass at Target, but you can’t buy a glass like this."

In his studio, he fires up his torch and starts creating.

"I kind of just get lost in it," Parr said.

His "organic" glassware lands in shops and homes all over the country. 

“I love going to friends’ houses and seeing people drinking out of them and enjoying them," Parr said. “I am able to wake up every day and work on the things that I love.”

It allows him to find fulfillment in his art and make a living off his passions while giving back a bit of beauty to the world. 

“If you try to live a life without art whatsoever, you are losing some wonder and, I feel like people attempting making a living as an artist are adding some wonder to the world, especially now,” Parr said.