SAN ANTONIO — At Helotes Pits they are putting heat to metal to craft a solid smoker. 

From backyard pits to competition size, founder Raul Morales', lifetime love of welding shows in each design. 

"I started welding at John Marshall High School and had a knack for it," Raul Morales said. 

Turning that "knack" into a career. 

Then in 1993 he decided to take a risk to try something a little bit different. 

"I started making barbeque pits out of old propane tanks," Morales said. 

His knowledge of Texas and his own family traditions sparked something within him. 

"Just a passion I guess. I'd see other pits out there and you always think you can make something better," Morales said. 

Helotes Pits built to last

These days Morales lets his family and employees run the day-to-day. 

"Going from that little kid that ran around to now helping to run it its exciting," daughter, Marina Grainger said "It's exciting to see it in the very early developmental stages to now where we are in a big store to where a lot of people know us and they are finding us now."

A proud moment for this father and businessman. 

"It's real neat to go and see somebody cook on our pit," Morales said. 

Just as her father taught Marina and her siblings about running a successful business, the Morales family is providing others with a way to cook up their own great memories for generations. 

"I've had so many people when they come out to pick their pits they'll bring their kids... because it will be passed down to them because they are built to last," Grainger said. 

Helotes Pits has been creating BBQ's and Smoker Pit's since we were founded as Quality Pits & Smokers in 1993! We provide a wide variety of options to help you find the grill best suited to meet your needs. We offer attractive styles, durability, and precision cooking.