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Made in S.A.: Flower Girl Apothecarie

Flower Girl Apothecarie products work to help customers slow things down.

SAN ANTONIO-- Only the most all natural botanicals, herbs and salts are worked into the products made at Flower Girl Apothecarie

"It just makes me feel great about the quality about it," owner, Ariana Heyward said.

Owner of Flower Girl Apothecarie, Ariana Heyward, has always been somewhat of a DIY-er.

Her own craving for relaxation of the body, mind and spirit sparked the idea that lead to her business a little over a year ago.

"It started after graduating university. I was trying to find a balance between work, school friends. All the things. And I ended up really stressed out and burnt out to the point where I was like I need to do something different... It ended up manifesting in my body in a really weird way where I experienced tingling. And I saw my doctor and she was like you're just really stressed out," Heyward said.

At 25, she's created her homegrown business and new part-time passion.

"I just wanted something that I could put my own flavor to it. The stuff on the market was great but I just felt like I needed something a little more," Heyward said, realizing that essential oils and teas could help her and others get back to the basics.

"It's really hard to pour from an empty cup, so if you take time to recharge you'll feel better and you'll make the people around you feel better too," Heyward said.

These days, her herbal teas are how Heyward keeps her cup full, from teas to bath salts and oils.

This blooming business woman believes there's a flower girl in each of us.