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International chocolates in time for Valentine's Day | Made in SA

Take your tastebuds on an international chocolate trip! This chocolate shop at the Alley at Bitters has something for everyone – just in time for Valentine's Day.

SAN ANTONIO — Casa Chocolates starts with the rawest ingredients – cocoa beans brought in from all over the world. Its brick-and-mortar storefront is nestled in at the Alley on Bitters.

"We have five different origins right now and everyone has a different fruit flavoring the profiles are very, very different," co-owner, Brian Mikiten said. "We like people to enjoy that and understand how different chocolate can be depending where it comes from in the world."

From Vietnam to Ecuador, there is no lack of flavor.

"We enjoy doing it and I think the thing we look for is something that is very special in every single chocolate," Mikiten said. 

It was that something special that turned owners Brian Mikiten and his wife, Joan, on to making chocolate four years ago. 

"We started with a little $29 make chocolate at home kit, which was basically a bag of beans," Mikiten said. "That got out of hand quickly because if you are making a little chocolate you have to make a lot of chocolate."

Their at home passion project becoming an overnight sensation, selling out at local stores. 

"I think the best part of it is that it makes people happy," Mikiten said. "Not only during COVID, but before that obviously"

The unique flavors, left up to Jane to discover, continue to wow customers. 

"One of our favorite ones is our Mexican hot chocolate. It's got three layers of flavor," Mikiten said. 

So whether it's covering a strawberry, alongside a glass of wine or bourbon, or even on its own – Casa Chocolate will take you on an adventure. 

"We want [people] to taste the chocolate, and we want that look on their face and we want them to say wow I've never had anything like this," Mikiten said.