SAN ANTONIO — Each cocktail starts with a blank canvas of ice, add in a splash of fresh ingredients,  and of course the main ingredient.

Then shake it up and out pours more than just a cocktail

“I’ve always liked working for myself and being creative and I consider my vodka liquid form of art,” Artisan Distillery, owner, Nick Spink said. 

Owner, Nick Spink’s, love of art inspires his now 7 year old business, Artisan Distillery.

“Artisan, that’s why I named it my distillery, because everything is truly handcrafted here," Spink said. "All my vodkas, all my whiskeys all my cocktails.”

Spink prides his products on being handcrafted and that all starts in the production room.

“It’s just a different medium," Spink said. "Some people do canvas, some people do metal mine is actually a liquid form.”

His bestselling vodka uses a very Texas ingredient.

“So the reason I call it Spike is because all these things have thorns and I’ve been pricked too many times," Spink said. 

Fresh nepal or cactus is distilled into every batch.

“It’s almost an agave-esque nose but the flavor wise it’s totally different. Very full bodied vodka almost like a bell pepper finish and a earthy finish," Spink said.

Then its bottled and served in their tasting room to your liking.

“It’s a lot of fun. My mood here is very lounge its very subdued and kick back and relax," Spink said. 

And his promise is not smoke and mirrors in a cocktail, but a drink you can savor knowing it’s all made by hand.

“Up in the bar everyone deserves a handcrafted thing. A lot of them say they are handcrafted and they are not. And you know it’s like enjoying a good piece of art," Spink said. 

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