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'It's bringing a little life for me as a mom' | Mother creates local business helping child development

Mom uses the five sense to create a business that encourages children's growth and development.

SAN ANTONIO — For Sofia Garza, the growth and development of her two boys is everything.

“Since my oldest who is five was very little I started to get involved with sensory play and I really loved it,” Narwhal Sensory Boxes, owner, Sofia Garza said. 

Learning early on that engaging the five senses is important for healthy growth.

“I saw it first hand how magical it is, and how it keeps them entertained, Garza said. 

But when this mom couldn’t find sensory play items locally, she decided to craft a box herself.

"I really try to have good quality of items and a good variety of textures, colors and sizes to encourage real sensory play," Garza said. 

Eventually finding herself creating her business, Narwhal Sensory Boxes. 

“I never planned to have a small business. I was working full time before my babies," Garza said. “Now, I’m here with a good balance between the small business and my mommy life."

Her boxes staying far away from plastics that we use in much of our every day lives.

“Plastic will not provide the sensory stimulation that is needed to have a successful sensory experience," Garza said. "Little hands need different textures, different weights, different sizes and plastic is just plain."

And she's getting great reviews from her tiny customers.

“When they open it they are like 'wow, this is so cool, and I really try to put a lot of effort on the playdough I make," Garza said. 

Even parents find it helpful when trying to keep their kids hands busy.

“It’s also a very relaxing form of play. It reduces anxiety so some people use it before bed, or kids that have problems with find motor skills like for writing or grasping little things," Garza said. 

This mom of two is creating a business out of necessity that also lets her balance motherhood.

“Its very exciting. It's bringing a little life for me as a mom," Garza said. "I’m doing something for me, but its related to my kids and its just a good mixture."

To purchase one of the Narwhal Sensory Boxes visit their Instagram or Facebook pages.

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