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Take a look at some 2021 Fiesta medals | Made in SA

Medal mania returns with Summer Fiesta 2021.

SAN ANTONIO — Medals of Fiestas past and present adorn the office of SA Flavor founder, Garrett Heath, and it's no different for Fiesta 2021.

"For Fiesta 2021, I'm going to have – I can't remember the total number – something like six, seven, eight, nine, somewhere in there, total medals," SA Flavor, owner, Garrett Heath said. "A lot of them are coming in the last minute. I've just had to like pull some all-nighters as soon as we got the green light." 

Many of this year's medals play on the pandemic and the fact that San Antonio was not going to let another party with a purpose slip by.

"This is going to be a Fiesta that I think people are going to love," Heath said. It's going to be a very different one, is going to be very special."

KENS 5 is getting in on some of the "flavor" Heath adds to his medals – collaborating to create our medal that is a nod to our 70th anniversary that also came and went in 2020.

"I love San Antonio. I love San Antonio history and so my my mind was like just racing. How can we represent KENS history?" Heath said.

Heath first sketched ideas by hand, then translated those onto a computer to add color and some flare.

"What's really special about this medal is it rotates and you can see all the KENS 5 logos," Heath said. "Medal maniacs are going to love this medal."

Heath believes you shouldn't leave those 2020 medals at home either.

"It is the Fiesta that never was right since the first time since World War II, so it's definitely a unique collectible, Heath said.

Medals of 2020 or 2021 they all are welcome at this first time – summer Fiesta.

"It's going to be a fun fiesta get your shots, get vaccinated," Heath said. "Come out and party in June. It's going to be hot – drink plenty of water or whatever beverage you need and viva summer Fiesta."