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El Retonito founder finds purpose in the paint | Made in S.A.

San Antonio mother finds confidence after starting her own business and living in her passion.

SAN ANTONIO — Sitting at her desk is where, Nancy Nieto, has rediscovered her peace and her purpose. 

"When I’m painting I kind of just zone out. I’m in my own world,” El Retonito, owner, Nancy Nieto said. 

“I always get so emotional because I’ve always dreamed of this, but I never thought I’d get anywhere with it,” Nieto said. 

It was during the height of the pandemic pregnant with her second child, when Nieto picked up a paintbrush again. 

However, this time her canvas was a little different. 

“It was just an idea I had with straw purses and it just evolved,” Nieto said. 

Her hand painted purses, each unique and representing her culture and everyday life. 

“It’s kind of just things that inspire me, and I feel like a lot of people connect to it because we kind of grew up in the same culture,” Nieto said. 

It would be her children who would inspire her businesses’ name. 

“Whenever I was pregnant with my oldest I would always say ‘mi retonito’ my little rose bud growing in my belly, and so when I got pregnant again it was the same thing.” Nieto said. “When I knew that I was going to start this business I already knew, that’s what I have to call it,  because I’m where I’m at because of them and this was created because of them and everything I create is with them in mind.”

Nieto’s business allowing her to become her own boss and leave the stress of the corporate world behind. 

"I don’t have anxiety, I don’t feel depressed I’m just so much happier because I get to release, do what I love, and people love it," Nieto said. 

Growing not only  El Retonito these last two years, but also herself. 

“I doubt myself a lot sometimes so to see my growth and when I’m setting up at my markets, 95% of what’s on my table I made, so it’s just amazing to see what I create by myself. I blow my own mind. 

Check out El Retonito on Instagram to find out when and where her next market will be. 

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