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A San Antonio man and his team of "GohFers" getting whatever you need | Made in S.A.

A different kind of delivery service created in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO — At his home office is where you'll find, Morgan Hoogvelt, pounding away at requests for delivery.

"If you need something delivered in a pinch. We are the people for you," GohFr, CEO & Founder, Morgan Hoogvelt said.

If you need a 'Gohfr' they are the company for you.

"It's kind of like a currier company, but just a little more modern now," Hoogvelt said.

While the business is still in its first year,  the idea came seven years ago before it launched in December of 2020.

"Its brand new to me but its one that's intriguing, its one that I think obviously with delivery and where its going inside the United States and through the world I feel like there is a need," Hoogvelt said. 

Requests now being launched all across San Antonio and its surrounding areas.

Drivers hitting the roads to deliver anything from documents, to medical devices, .to the more unique requests.

"We had a customer that was unfortunately hurt in a car accidents and was stuck inside a rehabilitation center, and she had a real hankering for beef jerky and no one could get it done," Hoogvelt said. "So she called me and we were able to deliver her her beef jerky really quickly to satisfy her craving."

Making sure each items arrives at it's destination all while making Hoogvelt's idea come to life.

"It's rewarding, it's scary, its everything in between those," Hoogvelt said. "I think at the end of the day when you close up at night … at least you feel good that at least you made some progress for that day and can't wait to see what comes next for tomorrow."

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