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CPS Energy program could help businesses save thousands on energy costs

CPS launched their STEP (Sustainable for Tomorrow Energy Plan) all the way back in 2009, but many business owners still don't know about it.

SAN ANTONIO — South Point Apartments is getting 250 new energy-efficient lights and CPS Energy is paying more than $6,000 of the project cost. The apartment complex will pay a sum around $8,000 according to Smart Solution's Andrew Berteaux.

A proposal from Smart Solutions projects says the savings from the energy-efficient lights will pay off the apartment's portion in less than three years, with CPS Energy still paying more than a third of the cost. 

This is possible in part, Berteaux said, because the flood lights the company currently uses require 150 to 250 watts to operate. The new lights require just 50 watts. 

"This complex is saving several thousand dollars a year." Berteaux said. 

How did the business get this deal? They contacted CPS Energy and asked about its STEP (Save for Tomorrow Energy Plan) plan. Other interested businesses can call CPS Energy at (210)353-2728 or call the CPS E2B Representative at (210)382-7251.

You can also learn more at this CPS Energy website

San Antonio Councilwoman Phyllis Viagran told KENS 5 one of the challenges of the program has been letting San Antonio know about it.  

"It's really important that they (businesses) hear about it and its why I've asked CPS to make an effort to communicate with them. Not just through social media and online but with door hangers and having mail pieces to go out and let them know these programs are available." Viagran said. "The city, along with CPS, needs to work on how we tell that story about the significance of investing now." 

Viagran told KENS 5 more about the program on Friday. KENS 5 also contacted CPS energy directly about the program but CPS energy could not find anyone who was allowed to speak about it.  

Viagran told KENS 5 both business and residential customers can find opportunities to use the STEP program and it included multiple ways to save energy though more efficient lighting, HVAC upgrades, or solar panels. Viagran said she had a team in her own office that can also engage the public about possibly using the program. Contact Viagran's office at  (210)207-0969.

The councilwoman told KENS 5 the amount of money businesses could save depended on the changes made but many businesses should be able to save 10 percent of their electric bill by switching to more efficient lights.  

The program is also meant to keep energy rates from rising in the future. If everyone uses less energy, Viagran said it could delay future rate increase requests. 

"I don't want to see CPS come back in two years and ask me for another rate increase. That's why I'm such an advocate for these programs," Viagran said.

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