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Money Smart: 3 books you can read today to become more finance savvy

Check out these books to brush up on your personal finance skills and learn about the stock market.

SAN ANTONIO — There are a lot of finance books that can help you get Money Smart. The financial expert featured on KENS 5 recommends you read these 3 books to get started. They have helped him in his 25-year career in finance and his clients.

1. "Wealthy Barber" by David Chilton

"It’s about 3 boys who get investment advice from the wealthy barber in town," explained Karl Eggerss, senior wealth advisor and partner of Covenant. "And they keep going back to him. It’s written as a story, a compilation of some parables. They turned it into a story. So, it reads differently than any other finance book out there."

2. "Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth" by Nick Murray

"For people who are leery of the stock market, they think it’s gambling? There’s some great evidence in here about how stocks are a great investment for the long-term. And he really has a great way of giving you some proof about that and showing you why it’s a good idea for part of someone’s portfolio to have stocks or exposure to the stock market," said Eggerss.

3. "The Automatic Millionaire" by David Bach

"It’s probably my favorites in terms of basic personal financial tips. And really some key things to follow that not only some lessons that are in there but also, ways to become a millionaire over the long term. It’s done through a series of simple things. Not only from watching what you spend and how little things can add up, but also putting things in autopilot like your savings, having money going into 401k’s, and compounding of that," he explained. "It's almost a formula and if you follow the formula, it’s impossible not to become a millionaire over the long term."

Eggerss added that Covenant has a weekly educational piece that's free called Covenant U.  Click here to find out more.



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