SAN ANTONIO -- One local church honored the victims in the Orlando shooting massacre that happened exactly one month ago Tuesday.

Unity of San Antonio church on Lawndale Drive invited people of all different faiths to attend the service.

Community members opened the floor for anyone to openly talk to the audience. They also, sang songs and meditated as part of the service.

"You know what's been the most beautiful about that? Everyone has the exact same message. The unifying power of love," said Jennifer Gates.

"When one person hurts, we all hurt. There's been a lot of tragedies not only in Orlando, but with the Dallas shootings, and in other states that have happened," said Jeanette Vela-Saenz. "If we could all for just one minute, separate ourselves from where we belong and come together as one, the world would be different."

The church collected donations at the service to help those involved in the Orlando shooting.