The Wounded Warrior Project is partnering with the Atlantic Housing Foundation to place injured soldiers and their families in rent-free apartments. They recruit soldiers through a warrior support center, but there's no formal qualification they have to meet.

"It's a great way to take the burden off of these families," said Michael Nguyen, president of the Atlantic Housing Foundation. "It's a great way for them to reestablish and get re-acclimated to civilian life."

For many wounded veterans like Torino Woods, who are from elsewhere, they may rent or own a home already. This makes it difficult to afford another one during their temporary stay in San Antonio.

"You're worried about income, you're worried about a place to stay," Woods said.

A husband and father of six, Woods juggles family, work, and grad school, but said that the opportunity to live rent-free gives him a chance to focus on the future and save money for his children's education, all with the hope of picking up where he and his family left off before he left for war.

Those interested in being considered for the rent-free housing program can reach out to the Wounded Warrior Project.