SAN ANTONIO — Cannabidiol, widely known as CBD, has created a large name for itself.

Businesses are popping up everywhere, including Your CBD Store, which recently opened three locations. Two are in the Alamo City and one is in Austin.

The store is said to sell THC-free CBD cream, herbals and pet products. They also have an online purchasing option for those who want or need direct shipment.

“We are leading the CBD charge by helping fellow San Antonians without the side effects of harsh chemicals and toxins and eliminating the cycle of taking a medication to counteract the effects of another medication," said Scot Kemmer, co-owner of the Austin and San Antonio Your CBD Store locations.

Willie Nelson is also taking part in the store's mission, now selling his own label of CBD oil-infused coffee beans called Willie's Remedy.

The store's motto is, "Where Good Health Hits Home." It seems Willie would agree with the business' mindset!


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