SAN ANTONIO — Friday's District 3 "Women in STEM" panel discussion will bring together women with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math careers in San Antonio, in an event aimed at inspiring more women to pursue roles in those fields.

Lacee Law, a flight instructor at Stinson Municipal Airport, says STEM education was part of her training, but there are a variety of ways to get involved in the field. 

"You have to learn at least basic aerodynamics, and the further you get it can be a lot more technical and things like that. It's more hands-on, depending on how you do it," Law said. "But you don’t have to go to college—it just makes you a little bit more marketable."

The event was organized in conjunction with Women's History Month and will feature roles available in District 3, right here in San Antonio. Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran will moderate, with Toyota Motor Manufacturing's Leticia Garza, Mission Solar Energy's Tiara Edwards, Women in Aviation's Aurelina Prado and Law weighing in. 

The panel runs from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Stinson Municipal Airport in Room 105. RSVP to Kellie Alcozer at

Law says she hopes people will learn that careers in her field are open to everyone.

"The airplane doesn’t care who's holding the stick or the yoke," Law said. "If you have the skills and learn the skills to fly, ultimately that’s the make or break."