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Have you tried a personal workout? | Get Fit

WellFit's plans are designed for each person and every trainer has their own specialty.

SAN ANTONIO — If you're looking to live well in the new year, WellFit may be the place for you! It's a personal training and rehab facility that's been creating healthier lifestyles throughout Texas since 2002.

Tamara White is a coach and trainer at the WellFit location off Lockhill Selma. She said their plans are designed for each person and every trainer has their own specialty.

"We have coaches here and trainers here that specialize from actual bodybuilding competition training all the way down to myofascial release and muscle building," White said. "And then you've got me, where I do lots of core balance, functional strength, mobility, that sort of thing."

White's clients range from young adults to senior citizens. She said they cater to just about anybody who wants to get up and get moving.

"We offer specialized training, individualized training for wherever you are in life, any fitness level or someone who's post-stroke," White said. "I have a client who is in her 70s. She came here through COVID, through everything, she came here because she knew the importance of mobility, functionality and balance as she aged."

White said pricing at WellFit depends on the package you buy, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $90 an hour.

"We really recommend beginners start with three days a week with a coach or trainer, then try to get two more workouts on their own outside of the gym," White said. "They can go for a hike, they can take the rollerblades out, they can get on a bike, they can do anything physical that they like to do."

Along with general fitness and weight loss, some additional services at WellFit include adaptive training for amputees, weight loss programs for menopause, pre/post-pregnancy fitness and military/first responder PT conditioning.

Your first training session at WellFit is free and you can schedule it online. WellFit also offers in-home personal training. To learn more, click here.

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