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Beat the heat, break a sweat while ice-skating | Get Fit

The weather is just starting to cool in San Antonio, but you can get a head start on winter while burning some calories.

SAN ANTONIO — Looking for a way to beat the heat? It’s winter year-round at the Ice and Golf Center at Northwoods!

The facility has daily public-skating hours. It costs $10 to get in and $4 to rent a pair of ice skates.

Doris Beckley is a figure-skating coach at Northwoods with decades of experience. She said hitting the rink is a fun way to burn calories.

“Fifteen minutes in, you’re going to feel it,” Beckley said. “You engage your core, your upper body and your legs.”

Cadence Floyd is a 9-year-old figure skater. She’s been skating for the past three years.

“It’s an amazing sport,” Floyd said. “You can learn a bunch of new tricks and it’s just really, really fun!”

Floyd’s favorite part about being on the ice is performing axels.

“An axel is where you pull your arms in and you rotate in the air one and a half rotations,” Floyd said.

The adrenaline rush sticks with Floyd as she leaves the rink.  

“I’m always so energized after practice,” Floyd said. “My mom is like, ‘Wow!'"

You don’t need to be at Floyd's level to feel the burn. Eleven laps around a standard ice arena is one mile.

Beckley’s advice to first-timers? Remember to dress warm and don’t be nervous. You’re there to have fun!  

“I think you’ll be surprised with how much you enjoy it,” Beckley said.

To check out the public skating schedule, click here. Ice and Golf Center at Northwoods also offers classes for those interested in learning how to skate.