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Need guidance on your fitness journey? San Antonio coach offers personalized training | Get Fit

In this week’s Get Fit, coach and trainer Tamara White's sharing a quick workout you can do on your own without any equipment.

SAN ANTONIO — If you’re looking to improve your health from the comfort of your own home, Tamara White can help you out. 

White is a coach and trainer at the WellFit location off Lockhill Selma. She offers personalized training in-studio, as well as in-home personal training. In this week’s Get Fit, she’s sharing a quick workout you can do on your own without any equipment.

The workout consists of three exercises that you do three to five times each.  

You start off with what White calls “walk out Supermans."

“Soften the knees, reach down to touch your toes and walk your hands out into a straight arm plank,” White said. “Then roll down. Your knees, hips, thighs, chest to a Superman. Then go into a Cobra pose for the spinal flection. Then, back to the knees, into a low squat and stand.” 

White calls the second exercise “get out of beds."

“You get to the floor any way you can. You lay down flat, then get up. Use your arms, your abs, whatever it takes,” White said. “The key to this one is there’s no right way to do it. You just do it how your body naturally does it. The more you do it, the more effective and efficient you’ll be at it.” 

White finishes the workout with halleluiah lunges and zombie lunges. For hallelujah lunges, you’ll lift your arms straight in the air. For zombie lunges, you’ll put your arms out straight in front of you as you step out. 

“You’ll do five on the right leg, going front and back, then switch,” White said. “Keep your sternum lifted, imagine there’s a steel rod on your spine. You’re challenging your legs, shoulders and core.” 

White said you can go through these movements just once to use it as a 5-minute warm-up. You can also repeat it three to five times to get a functional, full-body workout in 20 minutes.  

If you need guidance or support on your fitness journey, the trainers at WellFit can help. Your first training session is free. To learn more, click here.


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